Babel flies to New Zealand for a shaper collaboration with Verdure Surf.
Verdure Surf is a young surfboard company based in Wellington, New Zealand. The Verdure team has been focusing on developing a surfboard building approach that puts in first place the lifecycle of the materials, how and where they are produced, how they will be processed and implemented in the product, how we can dispose of the excess materials and what will happen to those materials at the products end of life. 
For this first collaboration, Luca is gonna take residency for a week at the Verdure Studio in Wellington and offer Babel designs in the construction developed by Jack and his team at Verdure Surf.
The order books are open for 10 custom surfboards, available for both Australian and New Zealand surfers.
FOR INQUIRIES AND PRICING, PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK and fill up the order form to get in touch and discuss your limited edition Babel x Verdure surfboard.
Verdure Surf currently uses recycled or up-cycled EPS foam where possible, plywood rails and they either skin them in NZ grown paulownia or organic hemp fibre. Both constructions use a non-toxic, low VOC glue to bond the wood to the foam and a plant based epoxy to keep the boards watertight.
Examples of boards built in this construction and options available for colours and materials can be found here.
Below you can find the rendering of one of our favourite Babel designs, the Herbie Hancock, in the EPS/timber construction offered at Verdure Surf.
Luca & Jack