I grew up in small town at the feet of the mountains of northern Italy, somewhere between Milan and Venice.
After moving to Australia in 2013 to pursue my doctorate in Astrophysics, I started to develop a fascination (obsession) with surfboard design, which is something that always captured my interest.
In 2014 I began to craft the first surfboards in a shed falling apart in the bush behind Bells Beach. Currently, our team operates from a small factory in Torquay, sharing the space with our good friends Sam and Jared from Vanlife Diaries.
Over the years I had the luck to work as a contract glasser and absorb knowledge from several local world-class shapers and craftsmen, including Maurice Cole, Shyama Buttonshaw and Cory Russel, amongst others. 
I have always tried to focus on balanced, well tuned and functional designs, coupled with high quality glassing and clean aesthetic that doesn't overpower the lines of the surfboard.
- Luca -