Up  to 5’11”  $950
6’ – 6’11” – $1090
7’ – 7’11” – $1240
8’ – 8’11” – $1390
9’ – 9’11” $1590
10’ Plus $1810

The starting prices include tints on deck and bottom and matte finish for a “traditional” PU/Polyester board shaped from a blank with standard plywood stringer. Prices are inclusive of GST.

Additional features come for an additional cost, which depends on the specific request.  They include: pin-lines, resin panels, resin artwork, foam stain artwork, fibreglass stain artwork, channels, glass-on fins (fibreglass and marine ply), gloss finish, cedar stringer, multiple cedar stringers, timber tail block, fibreglass leash loop, carbon fibre reinforcement, eps-epoxy construction, alternative materials construction (flax, basalt, hemp, etc..), spray and fades, fabric inlays, custom print inlays.

Once you've placed your order we will send you a deposit invoice of 50% of the total and will commence the making of your new craft ones the deposit has been received.